Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aidan's Batman Birthday Party

I've been meaning to post pictures of my kid's birthday parties. It's only taken me a few months to do this! :) We have pretty low-key parties that primarily consist of just family. I'm sure this next year though Aidan will want to invite friends to his birthday.

Aidan turned 4 in August and wanted a Batman birthday party. He loves the old 1960's Batman movie so I included touches of vintage Batman and Robin!
Birthday Boy!

Totally cook vintage 1960's Batman Birthday Hat with little embellishment by me! Love it! But he wouldn't wear it. Oh well....

The Birthday Boy in the shirt I made him from repurposed vintage Batman sheets.

Keaton's Batman Shirt

Maddox's Future Superhero Onesie (It was too cute!)

Cupcakes with Batman Standing Tall

Aidan's Best Batman Pose

The birthday boy again

And in case you're considering it...never and I mean never get black icing!

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